lunedì 8 agosto 2011

Dear Maggie

My dear Maggie,
Today it would be your 33th birthday, you would be a little depressed because you’d feel you’re getting older, and you wouldn’t want to celebrate, you would say “It’s not a big deal, it’s just another year gone, there’s nothing to celebrate about getting older”, but then you would thank us for bringing you out for dinner.
But this year it might be different: there would be a little, handsome boy around us, smiling and making funny faces and taking all the attentions. Your kid is just the cutest kid I’ve met, he is SOOOO cute, and lovely, or adorable, as your mother in law would say. Now he’s got two teeth, but you can already see the next two coming out. When they came back from France and I went to visit them, he was so so cool, with a shorter haircut (before he really looked like he got G.’s hair and it was so funny because his hair stays in the exact same way of G.’s hair! Or maybe it was him who liked to have his son wearing his same hairstyle… ; ) ).
I really see a lot of G. in him, but he got your eyes. And your personality, I guess. I really think he’s a very calm and good kid, but he knows what he wants and doesn’t give up until he gets it. And that is just you. He’s strong, and so healthy! You would be so proud, everybody would stop you while you’re bringing him out to look at him. He’s a very good mix of you two.
Everybody loves him.
G. turned out to be a good daddy nevertheless, it had been tough, without you around, but now that the baby is fine and getting stronger and healthier he might be able to relax a little. They’ve already been in Beijing, and France!! Can you believe that? He traveled already more than I have!
Two weekends ago we convinced G. to bring him to the Liuqinghe Beach, and he did it! It was so much fun, we took some nice pictures of him and Zoey playing in the little swimming pool.
You now, he is crazy for A., he LOVES him! I’ve always been good with kids but when he sees A. I don’t exist anymore, he doesn’t see anybody else! I have a photo of the two of them, it’s one of the sweetest things ever.
We’re having a party for his first birthday, but we’ll celebrate on Saturday because we don’t want to associate such a happy event to a sad one; G.’s mum is cooking and I’m in charge of the cake. I’ve already chosen one, according to G. request. You will see the pictures after the party, but I’m sure you would love it too! Guess what? It’s the cake you used to have all the time in Shanghai. Among 30 different types, you always chose that one (by the way, you won’t believe this… Paul closed!!! There’s no Paul in Shanghai anymore, we were just soooo disappointed!).
This year so many things happened. The biggest news is that G. and your baby moved in a new place, right where I used to live when we met the first time. We would have wanted him to get closer to us, that would have made it easier to get together or in case of necessity, but the apartment is really nice and you would like it. Yesterday a family from my company moved in the same neighborhood, they also got a child who is 2 and really funny, so I thought they might become friends.
Few weeks ago they went to France and they visit the whole family. And in two weeks G. is leaving to Denmark, since Kim and Maria’s wedding is the 27th. We won’t go, unless A. will change his mind, but G. knows how important it would have been for you so he’s going anyway.
This year your birthday falls on Monday. If you were here we couldn’t go to to HBR for dinner like we did last year, they changed the whole system, which was working perfectly, and now it’s just so mafan that I don’t think we’ll go again.
Yours parents also are fine, last time I saw your mum she looked healthier than the time before and I was relieved. I think I’ll see them again next Saturday.
You know, the last three days I have been wondering whether to invite G. for dinner tonight, I don’t know if he’d rather stay home alone or get out and keep his mind busy. Maybe A. will arrange to take him out.
Dear Maggie, today won’t be an easy day for all the people who knew you, but I don’t want to make you sad. Your child is just fine, and G. is too, most of the times, that’s all it matters. I wish you could see it. Maybe you can, I have no idea, but it would be really great if it was possible. Wouldn’t it be the perfect birthday gift?
Bye, Maggie. We are missing you.
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3 commenti:

  1. E' stata dura leggere questo post...
    comprendo il tuo stato d'animo.
    Non so quanto sia giusto da parte mia e di chiunque commentare questa tua pagina così privata, ma volevo farti comunque sapere che son convinta che lei vi sia accanto sempre.
    E penso ti basti chiudere gli occhi e concentrarti su di lei, ricordando qualcosa in particolare... un gesto... una risata... da rendere possibile la percezione della sua presenza.
    E' poco, lo so, ma a volte aiuta...
    Ti abbraccio con tutto l'amore che mi è possibile!

  2. Pur non avendo mai conosciuto Maggy sento una grande tristezza. Ricordo quando un anno fa spiegavi quello che stava accadendo.
    Il bambino é stupendo. E la tua lettera mi ha fatto venire la pelle d'oca. Un abbraccio!!!

  3. Cara mi sono commossa a leggere questa lettera per maggie. Spero che in qualche modo possa vedere questo splendore di bambino che ha messo al mondo...un anno fa si temeva non ce la facesse a sopravvivere e invece guarda che meraviglia! Stavo riguardando il video di mia mamma e della sua che gli cantano Alouette alla spiaggia...te l'ho passato? ale


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